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Dan Malloy – just another disappointment

I have a slight acquaintance with Dan Malloy  – we both toiled in the trenches of the local courts back in the 80’s – and I always found him to be a likable, competent guy. And, from this side of the border, I watched and  respected his service as Mayor of Stamford because he seems to have done an excellent job keeping that city in order – no easy task. He’s now running for Governor, and since he’s a Democrat in a Democratic state, I was thinking of voting for him as the best man who has a chance of winning.

But I was hugely disappointed to go onto his campaign website today and discover that he’s just a hollow, tax the rich, Demmerkrat populist like the rest of his crowd. We’re really doomed here, because, if I’m right,  Malloy is the best of this sordid lot destined to rule our state, and he’s just another redistributionist, determined to drive successful people from our state. Here’s his policy on taxation, for instance: boil off the lard, and he’s promising to raise taxes on Greenwich and the richer of his own Stamford residents. There’s no mention of the state’s having doubled its payroll in twenty years, no suggestion that we cut spending. Malloy is playing to his base, and will tax non-state employees to the hilt and make them squeal, damn it!  Time to move, but until I do, I think I’ve just found a new project: defeat this man!

As Governor, I will initiate long overdue comprehensive tax reform for our State. Establishing comprehensive tax reform will be a multi-year endeavor that I will begin pursuing immediately upon taking office. Reform will be guided by 5 key goals. Real tax reform must:

Be sustainable, comprehensive and address the balance of state and local taxation

Provide for a fairer and more progressive sharing of taxation

Ensure a greater and more equitable state share of local funding for schools

Strategically generate job growth and encourage business development

Relieve the local property tax burden on low and middle income seniors, veterans, and individuals who are disabled


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A letter from our would-be Governor on how to improve business conditions in Connecticut

Make it more expensive!  A reader sent this along:

I just received this email from Dan Malloy, our wanna-be governor. If I understand this soon-to-be-law, employees will work 39 hours a week and be paid for 40. Way to attract jobs to CT, Dan. Anyone have a Facebook account?

From Dan Malloy:
There are certain basic rights that should be afforded to any working person in Connecticut, and paid sick leave is definitely among them.

As I’ve traveled the state in recent months listening to the concerns of workers and their families, our conversations have reaffirmed my longstanding belief that Connecticut employers should provide paid sick leave to their employees. Period. It’s wrong that we would penalize workers – salaried or on hourly wage – for being ill. A person should not have to worry about missing a rent check or a mortgage payment because they catch the flu.

Yesterday I disagreed with Ned Lamont on this very issue, which you can read more about here. Now, I’m asking you to join me in standing up for worker’s rights. Take action today by contacting your state legislator and asking them to support paid sick leave. And, forward this note to friends asking them to do the same.

Providing paid sick days to employees isn’t just the right and fair thing to do, it’s also good public policy. Connecticut has tens of thousands of employees who work in food service and healthcare. Allowing those sick workers time to recuperate benefits the entire population. Additionally, allowing workers to take time to seek early treatment also means fewer trips to the emergency room for untreated illness – saving the state money. It’s not anti-business. It’s smart public policy, and it’s the right thing to do.

In recent years both branches of Connecticut’s State Legislature have passed bills that would require employers to provide paid time off for illness. Each bill would have required employers with 50 or more employees to provide leave once an employee had accumulated a certain number of hours. The paid sick would time accrue at a rate of one hour for every 40 hours worked. This is a fair, equitable solution for everyone involved.

I support the legislation, because I believe there are smart ways to improve the business climate in Connecticut that don’t involve jeopardizing people’s health. If you agree, let your legislators know today.

Connecticut needs to lower energy costs, provide smart tax incentives that reward businesses that create jobs, and fix our health care system to help small businesses lower their overhead. And we can do these things, and more. But we don’t have to force sick people to go to work.

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