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Tea for Texas?

Probably not, but this lady seems to be scaring the old guard politicians. I like that she’s read “the Austrians” (Von Hayek and Von Mises, not the little corporal, presumably) not too excited that she may be a Truther but what the hell, she’d sure would make things interesting down in my new favorite state.

The report’s from The Guardian so of course they had to include this interview:

Calvin Jillson, a political scientist at Dallas’s Southern Methodist University, believes the Tea Party can be understood as the latest in a long line of explosions of political rage in America. They include the Populist party that won elections in several states during the 1890s recession and the millions who voted for Ross Perot’s presidential candidacy in the 1980s. “These things happen but they burn out like a prairie fire. We are in the middle of it right now but when the economy picks up it will fade away,” Jillson said.

Jillson has history on his side and that’s a strong argument, but I’m wondering whether this time is different.

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