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8 Copper beech
8 Copper beech

This new construction was first listed at $9.550 million in July, 2007 around the same time a similar sized house, #10, was listed for $9.495. The owners of #10 accepted an offer in February 2008 of $8.050 million but this one either didn’t get that bid or rejected it. Regardless, it failed to sell, despite eventually being dropped last July to $7.995 and today it was withdrawn. Will it return or will its owners move in and wait out the storm? Inquiring minds want to know.

16 Lakeview Drive, over in Riverside on the wrong (north) side of the Post Road but on a nice street nonetheless, never did catch buyers’ imaginations when it was listed back in 2006 for $3.265 million. It dropped a teensy bit to $2.995 but that didn’t work either and today the listing was deleted. Same questions for this property as for Copper Beech. Something has to be done with it, I presume.


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