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Unintended (?) consequences

Boids - dirty, stinkin' voids! Denise Savageu let's loose

Boids – doity, stinkin’ boids!
Denise Savageau lets fly

Ban on incandescent bulbs leaves fledglings and injured birds shivering in the dark.

Ottawa’s Wild Bird Care Centre has put the call out for incandescent light bulbs, which it uses to provide warmth for injured and recovering birds, after the federal government banned manufacturers from making the bulbs.

In Canada, the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs are considered the norm. The incandescent light bulbs use more power, but they are also warmer and serve an important role inside incubators.

[The center’s spokesman] said they were caught off-guard by the bulb ban and they are already running short on incandescent bulbs. Now they are asking people to donate 100-watt bulbs.

“(We will take) as many as possible. If people have them hanging around we will take them or if they want to buy them for us it would be much appreciated,” said Goguen.

Donations can be dropped off at the centre, which is located on Moodie Drive in the city’s west end.

Perhaps Greenwich should set up its own donation boxes – we switched our traffic lights over from incandescents a couple of years ago and I’ve noticed that during snowstorms now the lights are hidden: no warmth from the bulbs to melt the snow. “If it costs the life of just one bird or child then we’re satisfied”, Greenwich Conservation Tsar Denise Savageau told FWIW “I hate them all.”


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Looking (in vain) for a concession stand at Tod’s Point?

Temporary concession stand

Temporary concession stand

I’m hearing rumors that the Greenwich Point Conservancy, a privately-funded group, has plans ready to go to replace the concession stand destroyed by Sandy but is being thwarted by Denise Savageau, Greenwich’s “environmental director”. Savageu, apparently, is one of those people convinced that we’ll all be underwater by next year and has insisted that any concession stand, if it is to be built at all, be moved to “high ground”. The only high ground I’m aware of at Tod’s is up on top of the meadow, a mile away from the gatehouse, but hey, you’ll want to walk off all those unnecessary calories anyway, right?

I’m told there are some great emails in circulation by and between Savageu  and the Conservancy. Those of you in possession of any, you know where to send them.


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