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I’m not saying Walt Noel is making prank calls to Monica

In Monica's closet

In Monica's closet

But this story sounds suspicious. Walt, you need a loan? Call me; what are friends for?

Greenwich woman twice avoids being a victim of telephone scams

By Frank MacEachern
Staff Writer

 It was such a convincing telephone call that a Greenwich woman thought she was talking to a grandson locked up in a Canadian jail cell on a drunk-driving charge.

But it was a scam, and the woman’s natural caution prevented her from losing almost $3,000 as she called his parents immediately and discovered her grandson was still at home.

“His voice was muffled and it was hard to hear him,” [emphasis added] the woman said about the Monday telephone call. “He said he went to a Greek wedding in Canada and he was stopped by police after he left it.” The woman, citing fears for her safety, declined to be identified.

The man said he needed $2,800 to get out of jail and asked the woman to wire the money to him. The woman refused and told him to call his parents. She then called police.

It wasn’t the first time she was the target of scammers, the woman said.

Two months ago someone purporting to be from her bank’s credit card division asked if she had made a $5,000 purchase that day. When she said she hadn’t, the caller told her to speak with someone in security and transferred her to someone else.


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