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Vexatious suit?

Okay, I went back and found the blog post that is the subject of the latest grievance against me. Here it is, in it’s entirety. Homeowners have a right to file whatever silly damn complaints their dim minds dream up. But I’m doing a burn here that the Century 21 agent (yes, I’m going to dig up her name in a minute, give me time, I just got back – joined him in his idiocy. Can I sue her for wasting my time? File a grievance against her for terminal stupidity and harassment? Why the hell not?

June 26, 2009…12:25 pm

Hint – it’s not your agent that’s at fault 

75 Long Meadow Road in Riverside was purchased for $1 million in 2005 and has been back on the market since 2007, beginning at $1.595 and dropping from there until it hit $1.250 last October. It failed to sell at that price and now a new agent – from Century 21, the former Sotheby’s firm – has replaced the first broker but not the price. I’m guessing that if it couldn’t move at $1.250 for the past 8 months, there’s nothing that’s happened to the market this week that will make that price work today. Then again, if the sunlight hits that golden polyester blazer just right, who knows? Assessed value is $773,000.

UPDATE- here’s the house, here’s the agent

75 long meadow

75 long meadow

This is rich – they dropped the price July 30th!  They’re now down to $1.199. Of interest is that the owners paid $1 million even in 2005 for this place, so their attempt to get $600,000 more for it two or three years later was – misguided, in my opinion.

The agent is someone named Diane Cadavid, not to be confused her her late cousin, Donna Cadaver. Let’s go see what Diane’s been up to, shall we?
Mystery Solved!!!
Diane Cadavid

Diane Cadavid

The lady is from Cos Cob! That explains everything. Cos Cobber, Stan, you guys put her up to this, right?


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