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Well gee whiz

Chicken Dick Blumenthal

Dick Blumenthal, once again demonstrating his political courage, has filed suit over the Madoff matter, some sixteen months after the SEC, the U.S. Justice Department, New York, Massachusetts and a dozen private lawyers had already done so.

That’s the man he is – a cautious, plodding, political coward. He could have gained his coveted senate seat decades ago had he an ounce of steel in his spine but he’s not that kind of guy. In fact, he’s a liar and a loser.

(h/t, Pulled up in OG)

UPDATE: Is he all wet? Blumenthal has always claimed that he was a varsity swimmer at Harvard (class of 1968, I’d think). A friend of mine who really was a varsity swimmer in college and who has observed Dick, many times, over the years, attempting laps at the Hartford YMCA, insists that this guy could never have made varsity on any team, even Harvard’s. I don’t know from swimming, but I’ve seen a couple of “collegiate sailors” going through their paces at the Riverside Yacht Club and it’s fairly easy to spot an imposter.

Any Harvard grads out there with access to varsity lists?


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Will Walter’s woes never end? Part III

Blumenthal’s got the UBS list of tax cheats and he’s checking it once, he’s checking it twice, to see which Connecticut (non) taxpayers have been naughty or nice. Although I always worry about the Noels and their difficulties, on reflection, this news probably won’t affect them. Switzerland as a tax haven? When you’ve got Andres tooling around the seven seas in his 180′ super yacht? How naive. I’ll be hugely disappointed if Walt turns out to have entrusted his secrets to some UBS flunky when he has had a Colombian-trained money launderer right in the family with the know-how and the means to dispose of little secrets far more discretely. 

Walt’s neighbor Ric Burke, on the other hand, does sound dumb enough to have wandered down to Stamford with a cash-stuffed briefcase and told them, “put this where no one will ever, ever find it.”

I await developments with bated breath.


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