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Doverton Drive land value

There’s a new listing on Doverton Drive (off Sabine Farms) asking $2.6 million for just under 4 acres with a 1976 contemporary on it. I’m not jumping for joy at this low-priced discovery but it’s interesting to see what happened with the only other Doverton property to sell in the past decade. In 1999 27 Doverton, 2.52 acres also with a contemporary sold for $1.915. It came up for sale again, beautifully renovated, for $3.9 and change in 2006 and Mark Mariano paid $3.550 million the following January for the privilege of tearing it down. The house he put up in its place hit the market just 11 months later for $11,750,000 and while I thought that was funny, I’m sure he didn’t. It’s down now to $8.450 and still available.

I haven’t seen the new listing yet so I can’t compare its lot to that of 27’s, which is very nice. Still, $3.55 to $2.6 is a significant drop, I’d think.


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