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Arbor Rose prices

90 E. Elm Street, Unit 1 of Arbor Rose, sold new in 2004 for $2.660 million ($60,000 above asking price) as part of the great condo boom that swept the downtown back then. Arbor Rose and its companion project across the street, Lily’s Path, went on to great success, with the last Arbor Rose unit, at 94 E. Elm, selling for $3.8 million in January of this year and a Lily’s Path unit fetching the improbable sum of $5.010 million in December of 2007. Now, those prices seem to be sliding back. The last Lily’s path unit, unsold, has dropped from the $5s to the $3s and today Arbor Rose Unit #1 is back up for resale, asking $3.450. Will they get more than the orignal sale price of $2.660? Will another bidding war erupt? Stay tuned.


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Is the Bloom off the garden?

What was billed as “the last unit at Lily’s Garden”,  a condo at 191 Milbank Avenue was reported sold in May, 2008 for $6.058 million, a tad off its asking price of $6.7 million but still impressive. Now there’s yet another “last unit at Lily’s Garden” for sale, but it’s not faring as well. It started at $6.350 million and today it’s been marked off to $5.2 million. I’ll bet that purchaser from last May isn’t amused.


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