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Uh oh

Hezbollah stockpiles 40,000 rockets next to Israel. Fortunately, the UN is on the scene and has already expressed its concern.

All sides agree that the threat is not a bluff. Last month the scale of the Hezbollah build-up was revealed after an explosion at a huge Hezbollah ammunition bunker in the village of Khirbet Slim, 12 miles from the Israeli border.

Surveillance footage, obtained by The Times, reveals that Hezbollah fighters desperately tried to salvage rockets and other munitions from the site, while obstructions were placed in the way of Unifil peacekeepers coming to investigate.

Alain Le Roy, the head of UN peacekeeping operations, told the Security Council last month that the ammunition explosion amounted to a “serious violation” of UN resolution 1701, which imposed a ceasefire and arms ban after the 2006 war.

“A number of indications suggest that the depot belonged to Hezbollah, and, in contrast to previous discoveries by Unifil and the Lebanese Armed Forces of weapons and ammunition, that it was not abandoned but, rather, actively maintained,” he said.


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Stop, or we’ll say stop again!

North Korea defies world, fires rocket over Japan toward U.S. Obama is “really, really cheesed!”, vows unilateral disarmament .


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