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The Titanic deck chair shuffle

Twenty-nine listings expired yesterday, the last day of September. Most will be back with us soon (like, today) but it’s always fun to see which go to new brokers, especially with the price unchanged. That’s usually not a formula for success.

I’m surprised at the large number of expirations, though, because, although the fee for a new listing is minimal: $75, in these times, you’d expect listing brokerages to save what pennies they can by extending listing contracts (no charge) rather than paying even a modest fee. So are these expireds all going to new brokers? We’ll see. One of interest is Leona’s place, marked down just a few days ago to $60 million from $125,000,000. It expired yesterday too.

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Are sellers getting tired?

Fifty-two listings expired yesterday, the last day of June. I believe that’s a high number, even for June 30th, and although I’m sure we’ll see most of these houses come back on, I wonder whether sellers have decided to take the summer off. A revision of an expiration date on a listing is free, a renewed listing costs $75 so I’d think that, if these sellers intended to keep their houses on the market during the summer, their agent would have renewed yesterday rather than pay an extra fee today.

Or maybe its the agents who have grown tired of showing over-priced listings that won’t sell.


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