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Free emergency service, but don’t abuse it

Ferdinand Steyer (Ferdinand @ mountainworks.com) will, at no charge, help out folks who need emergency assistance – patch a roof, remove a tree, what have you. Not a business generator – he’s busy enough, just an expression of his willingness to help out. If you work on Wall Street, don’t bug him. If you have an elderly neighbor or relative who needs help, contact him. (203) 216 – 3329.


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(Still) more on Ferdinand Steyer, builder extraordinaire

(Just to remind readers, I don’t accept advertising or kick-backs, or free meals or whatever) from those I occasionally recommend here. I just enjoy discovering and then publicizing  people who do an exceptional job, whether it’s running a restaurant, doing great plumbing or electrical work or, in Ferdinand’s case, building and renovating houses). Ferdinand can be reached at (203) 216-3329 or ferdinand@mountainworks.biz [sorry, but I can’t get a direct link to this but copy and paste- it should work]. Here’s his website, at any rate.

Dear Christopher,

I wanted to thank you for recommending Ferdinand of Mountain Works. We hired him because of the good reviews we found in your blog and we couldn’t have made a better choice.

We bought a house in Old Greenwich in December 2010 and he started an extensive renovation right away in a record time, taking care of getting all the necessary permits. We can describe him not only as an excellent and reliable contractor but also as a very organized manager for big projects. We remodelled three bathrooms, changed the layout of an entire floor with a great job in framing, new staircase, new windows, redirect some of the AC ducts andcentral vacuum, put a new insulation, new lighting, hardwood floors, molding, painting and all the extra work that a big project involves. He was always on top of everything taking care of every detail regardless how hard he had to work. Also, the quality of the job from the subcontractors he hired contributed to make this process fast and smooth. He passed 8 different inspections in record time.

As a person, he was very kind, patient, honest and reliable. In the beginning when I was choosing materials, I used to call him more than 6 times a day and he was always in a good mood giving me the best advice. And when we were making some decisions, he used to say to me “just tell me what you want, I just want to make you happy”.

We are so happy with his job and that is why I wanted to thank you for recommending Ferdinand.

Best, [I’ve omitted the writer’s name because I didn’t want to use it without permission]


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More on Ferdinand Styer and Mountain Works

I have praised Ferdinand’s work before, and several readers of this site have written to thank me for introducing them to him. Here’s another. Ferd’s contact info is (203) 216 – 3329. Or Ferdinand@mountainworks.biz. You can’t possibly go wrong. That’s Mountain Works.

Dear Chris,

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for posting a recommendation for Ferdinand Steyer of Mountain Works. We wanted to gut our half-finished basement and create a usable space. After gathering a number of estimates, we chose Mr. Steyer, who was neither the least nor the most expensive. Mr. Steyer was in control of the entire project, from obtaining permits, finding the right subcontractor for the wine cellar (he presented us with a few choices) on through the finished product. We now have a beautiful, brand-new bright finished basement that turned out better than we had ever imagined. Since then, Mr. Steyer has worked on a host of different projects in my house, from the complex to the simple. Mr. Steyer has also become the go-to guy for the rest of my family who live in town and has done major (and minor!) projects for them as well.

Feel free to forward my name and number to anyone who might be looking for a builder’s recommendation. I’d be very happy to vouch for Mountain Works.

I have the writer’s contact information, if you’d like to speak with her, but I think the letter speaks for itself. If you’re curious, Ferdinand is a close friend whom I’ve known since 1994, but that’s it: we have a friendship, not a business relationship. He’s just someone I admire very much.

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Another recommendation for Ferdinand Steyer and Mountain Works

Dear Chris,

As an avid reader of your blog I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a recommendation that you gave on your site.

I required my basement to be built out and my master bathroom renovated. Based on past experiences it never got past the wishing stage.

When I saw your recommendation of Mountain Works I thought that if your recommendation is a solid as the rest of your comments I should call them. Ferdinand called back the same day and we met within a week. To my pleasant surprise he showed up on time, which was a first for me. The next pleasant surprise was when I got his estimate and found out that he isn’t one of those contractors who double their price just based on my Greenwich address.

He handled all the permitting, started construction when he said he would, finished on time and within budget. Communication during the process was excellent and easy. Most of all Ferdinand was a pleasure to deal with.

Once again thank you and keep up the good work.



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Ferdinand Steyer, Mountain Works

I’ve recommended my friend Ferdinand before (and provided a link to his business over on the right) . A reader used that link, hired Ferd and sends along this report. Speaks for itself. And good job, Ferd – if you’d screwed up I’d have gained an angry reader nd lost my cred.

Chris, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Mountain Works.  Ferdinand just finished a job for me at my house installing new doors and updating our electrical.  His work (as you already know) is simply the best – outstanding craftsmanship, fair prices and a pleasure to deal with.  I can’t wait to use him again for our next home improvement project.


  • Mountain Works, Ferdinand Steyer , Greenwich. (203) 216-3329

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    More on Ferdinand Steyer, Master Builder

    I can say good things about my friend, but here’s a comment from Karen Feeney  chiming in with her own experience:

    Ferdinand Steyer (ferdinand@mountainworks.biz) is without a doubt, the most incredible woodworker/contractor/home improvement guru that I have ever met!!! He took our shack of a home in VT (infested with only he and God knows what) and made it into an unbelievable escape for our family of 7. He built an amazing deck; rebuilt the entire bottom floor; added heating (a brand new fully efficient furnace and hot water unit) and all new electrical units… an entire bank of beautiful windows; a fully tiled bathroom; a tiled mudroom…..and much, much, more. All was finished with woodwork of the highest craftsmanship. He also put in a new floor on both levels and new windows (including new openings on both levels.) I could go on and on but suffice it to say that Ferdinand was extremely reliable and on the job every day until is was complete. I would, without a doubt, hire Ferdinand again and again for ANY job we may need to done. He is a man of many talents!!! How rare and wonderful it is to have one person who can do plumbing, electric, carpentry, finishing…and much, much more…and Ferdinand is that man. Thank you Ferdinand!!!!!


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    Great local builders

    I’ve mentioned some in the past and given contact information for them over on the right hand side of this blog. Here’s another one: Ferdinand Steyer, of Mountain Works, LLC. I’ve know Ferdinand for 14 years and was sorry when he moved from town for first, Block Island and then Vermont. But now he’s back, which is good news for me and good news for homeowners who require work done to their house (or heck, he’ll probably build new – ask him).

    Ferdinand is the 5th generation of a family of Austrian carpenter/builders (the family still operates a woodworking business in Vienna) and although he first came to the US as an 18 -year-old ski instructor intent on preying on our wimmin (just kidding, Ferd) he returned to his roots as he got all that through his system.

    He’s incredibly inventive. When Ron Howard wanted to live-edit Apollo 13, for example, while everyone else was in LA and Howard was in Conyer Farms, the Hollywood techs couldn’t figure out how to do it. Ferd could, and did.

    Right now, he’s doing smaller projects – under 150,000 sq. ft., I assume, and that’s good for these times. Decks, siding roofs, baths, including tile work, remodeling, additions, garages, rabbit hutches and chicken coops, the latter two being new services added just for these days of down-sizing. He’s on the job all day, every day. I know plenty of excellent builders who trust their crews to do a good job in the absence of the boss but I’ve been a homeowner renovator before and I think having the man I hired available on site is a wonderful thing. Especially if that man is Ferdinand Styer.

    A licensed home improvement contractor in Connecticut and New York (Westchester County), his contact information is (203) 216- 3329, ferdinand@mountainworks.biz.

     Good guy.

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