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Madoff case about to metastasize


Remember Fred DiPascall? He was Bernie Madoff’s “go to” guy, the one all the Madoff “victims” said they talked to about their accounts including Walter and the boys. He was arrested soon after Bernie was and then disappeared from view. I’ve always said he was talking – who wouldn’t after watching your co-conspirator get 150 years? – and that when the feds had milked him, he was going to bring down the House of Madoff. Milking is done and he’s pleading guilty next week.  [bad link before – sorry] You don’t get a plea deal from the government if you don’t deliver the goods – see, Madoff, Bernie, 150 year sentence, above – so the fact that DiPascall’s got a deal means he’s told what Bernie wouldn’t: who else was in on the scam.

So who gets bracelets next week? Ruth? Andy and Mark? Uncle Peter? I’m rooting for all of them, and maybe a few more like (don’t take this personally, guy) Walter and maybe that fat ex-Madoff lady in Darien – remember? She of the “fund for investing with women and minorities for a more just society fund” that dumped everything with Bernie in exchange for huge fees? Her – I’d like to see her standing in the dock, too.

UPDATE: Business Insider is thinking along the same lines and also mentions Walter Noel as a juicy target. Not that anyone wants to see the poor old codger marched off to prison, mind you, but it would enrich the story.


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