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That was quick, as expected

Galleon Group liquidating. That doesn’t mean Raj Raj will need to sell his house on Round Hill – he still has a billion dollars or so to tide him over during any upcoming down time, but if he’s going to be away for awhile, he may not need or want a weekend getaway. Perhaps he can assemble a real estate package with Walt, Ric Bourke and Dom DeVito and offer a three for one sale – it works for Jos. A. Banks.

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Finishing school

The affable Greenwich developer Dom DeVito reports to Otisville Prison September 15th for a 51 -month stint of R&R. Bernie Madoff’s future home is uncertain (and would somebody please draw a cartoon of Bernie in his cell, marking off the days til release on his calendar?), but his lawyer is pushing for Otisville, too and now Fredric Bourke is looking at a stay, probably similar to Dom’s in length, at a similar site. Could all three end up in Otisville? Wow.

A friend of Dom’s, reflecting on Dominick and Bernie being together, said, ‘the dark intelligence of Dominick, and five years at Madoff’s knees? A monster!” He meant it as a compliment, I think. Imagine if Ric Bourke joins in on the tutorials – Dom’s intellect, Ric’s money, Bernies’ schemes – watch out, world.

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More bad news for certain Greenwich residents

Craig’s list to discontinue “erotic services” ads. You can hear the howls of dismay from Fort Lane to Twin Lakes Drive. Sorry guys.

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New defense witness in Bourke trial

We have just learned that Frederic Bourke of Greenwich will be calling Stephen Dido Dent, also of Greenwich, as a defense witness in Bourke’s upcoming trial for bribery. Dent is expected to testify that, even if Bourke and his co-conspirator hired prostitutes while in Azerbaijan as alleged by the prosecution, there is nothing particularly immoral or wrong with such activity.

“Busy, successful businessmen need to unwind,” Dent told this reporter, “and we often just don’t have the time to establish the level of intimacy with our wives that would encourage the sexual activity we crave. I mean, how often does your wife agree to dress in black latex, strap on various appendages and go at you with a riding crop? Sometimes, it’s just easier to pay a lady and be assured of getting exactly what you deserve. If that’s what Freddy did, so what? And if he likes to carry those purses his partner Peter designs, so what again? A man’s got to have a little fun on this world or why bother inheriting?”

Mr. Bourke is out in Aspen running down hikers with his SUV and was unavailable for comment.


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Greenwich’s next excitment, the Fred Bourke trial

Assuming that the Greenwich Police continue to refuse to arrest Stephen Dido Dent for soliciting prostitutes, the mini-scandal that’s been providing such glee among those who know and detest the man will soon die down and revert to what it should have been, I suppose: a matter between Dido and his poor wife. What will fill the gap until Walter Noel and his FGG feeder fund again fill the news channels? I suggest the matter of Walt’s Round Hill neighbor, Frederic Bourke, whose trial for violation of the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act is scheduled to start June 1st. Bourke has already started to create fun, accusing his estranged handbag-making partner, Peter Dooney, of trying to inject him with “harmful substances.”  I would guess, knowing the proclivities of the Round Hill set, that Dooney may have squirted a waterpistol at Bourke and the poor man panicked, not being familiar with that substance in its liquid form, but perhaps not. We’ll learn more, that goodness, as the trial progresses.

So what is Bourke accused of, exactly? This blog sets forth a nice chronology for those who haven’t been following the story, but the trial is bound to be  even more entertaining, involving as it does shady Russian mobsters, prostitutes, drugs, needle-toting business partners and cash, lots of cash. We’ll start a Bourke update section as the trial commences and with lck, that will carry us through an otherwise dull summer. Then comes Walt and Bernie, hooray!


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Is there anyone in Greenwich who’s still sane and not under indictment?

Stay away from me with that purse, Peter. Peter!

Stay away from me with that purse, Peter. Peter!

Round Hill Road resident and Walt Noel neighbor Frederic Bourke feared that his business partner Peter Doone was trying to “inject him with harmful substances”.

May 9 (Bloomberg) — Jurors may be told that Frederic Bourke, the co-founder of handbag maker Dooney & Bourke who faces international bribery charges, believed business partner Peter Dooney was secretly injecting him with a “harmful substance.”.

Bourke goes on trial June 1 in New York federal court on charges that he helped Czech expatriate Viktor Kozeny pay bribes to government leaders in Azerbaijan in 1998 in a failed bid to take over the former Soviet republic’s state oil company.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Chernoff said in court papers on May 7 that proof of Bourke’s “fears” may be relevant at the trial and that he may offer evidence that Bourke believed Dooney’s “agents” were “secretly injecting” him with “a harmful substance.” He also wants to show that Bourke and Kozeny “obtained the services of two prostitutes” while they were scouting for investments, demonstrating “the close relationship” between Bourke and Kozeny, Chernoff wrote.

U.S. prosecutors in 2005 said Kozeny, who had a home in Colorado, paid millions of dollars in bribes to Azeri leaders in attempt to buy a controlling stake in the state oil company in Azerbaijan, known as Socar. Bourke, one of Kozeny’s American investors, is alleged to have conspired with the Czech in violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. anti- bribery law, prosecutors said.

Kozeny now lives in the Bahamas and has successfully fought extradition to the U.S. in the case. Kozeny is also wanted by authorities in the Czech Republic, where he’s accused of stripping Czech companies of $1.1 billion.

Bourke invested $8 million with Kozeny. Other investors included hedge fund Omega Advisors Inc. and American International Group Inc., which haven’t been accused of wrongdoing. Dooney was not an investor in the deal.

Dooney laughed when told of Bourke’s alleged fear.

“I haven’t seen the guy in years and years,” Dooney said in an interview yesterday. “No secret injections. Categorically denied.”

Well of course, he would say that, wouldn’t he?


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