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End of global warming to usher in new ice age?


Reasoned discourse on the left

Reasoned discourse on the left

100-year cycle of increased solar activity coming to a close

Recent studies have, however, shown that changes to the solar cycle affect the weather in the North Atlantic as during the years of strong solar winds larger numbers of space particles enter the atmosphere where they can break up the ozone layer. This causes temperatures to rise in Northern Europe.

So far, solar activity has only been linked to the variation taking place during the 11-year solar cycles and studies do not yet provide answers to questions on how solar activity affects global warming.

No answer to the question of how solar activity affects global warming? Skeptics have pointed that out for years, and have been dismissed as enemies of humanity for questioning “settled science”.



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I’ve been writing about this for a while, but solar inactivity is back in the news

And all passes into night

And all passes into night

BBC, until now an unabashed apologist, even cheerleader for global warming hysteria, offers this up, unexpectedly: solar inactivity at time at height of expected peak baffles scientists. There’s an interesting six-minute video at the link in which various experts confess that they simply don’t know what the future holds. One says that “in 40 years, there’s  20% chance we’ll be back in the Maunder Minimum“, while another says, “unlike in the 1600’s, there are now industrial age gasses to account for, so it is impossible to determine what the net effect will be.

We have hundreds of years of observational data from our star, yet the demise of solar sunspots was completely unexpected. We claim to know exactly what the future holds via global warming, baed on a few decades of observation, but can’t predict an eleven-year cycle of solar flares.

Global warmists have consistently refused to consider solar activity, or the lack of it, in their precise, science-is-settled computer models; now we learn that they have no idea what the effect will be.

For this, intelligent people had to put up with personal attacks from illiterates like Dollar Bill, claiming that we’re unscientific? Unbelievable.


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