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Fudrucker’s stalking horse?

Come into my den, said the spider to the fly

Come into my den, said the spider to the fly

Democrat Third Selectman Drew Marzullo is pushing for a change in the structure of the BET and I wonder why?

“Marzullo said that the minority caucus leader shouldn’t have to ask for permission to assign to Democratic committee seats, just as Republicans wouldn’t want Democrats dictating assignments.”

Republicans and Democrats actually serving on the BET disagree:

“There’s no broken system here,” Mason said. “It’s worked well. This is how the electorate has wanted it since 1921. Why is this problem up now?”

Finger, the current leader of the BET’s Democratic caucus, echoed Mason on the committee assignments process.

“To my knowledge, in recent history, I believe that every recommendation that was made by the caucus leader was accepted by the chair of the BET,” Finger said. “I don’t know of one instance where the minority party’s recommendations have not been adhered to. He didn’t tell me, `This is who I want.’ “

So what’s actually going on here, that our Cos Cob EMT rep who ordinarily directs his attention to cellphobe towers and swimming pools for the needy suddenly sees a need to reform the BET? Buried in the Greenwich Time article is what I consider to be the money quote:

By allowing each caucus to determine committee assignments, Marzullo said that would afford members of the minority party due process in the event there is an attempt to strip them of their post.

As was announced a few weeks ago, Marzullo ally and Chairman of the Greenwich Council of Democrat Looters, Francis X. Farricker,  intends to join with another Democrat who’s also lost a First Selectman’s race, John Blankley, to oust two of their fellow Democrats from the BET. I’m guessing that the two of them anticipate turmoil and antipathy among their pals on the board if they succeed, and they’ve instructed Drew to change the rules so that they’ll be protected against the anger of their former friends.

That’s just my speculation, but there’s something going on here besides a sudden interest in civic reform by our man from Cos Cob.


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