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Greenwich politics

You wouldn’t know it from the recent goings on, but Greenwich actually has a few serious problems that voters might care about. Instead of which, we get spats between the First Selectmen candidates that seem more appropriate for first graders. Take today’s hubbub over the Greenwich Harbor Master: Lyn Lavery claims he was hired because he’s a pal of John Tesei, given an expensive new boat and, as the result of the cost of providing all that, boating fees have skyrocketed. She is completely wrong on her facts (the salary is all of $750 a year, the “new boat” is $2,000 spent refurbishing an old Boston Whaler) and I understand there will be a press conference (!) today at 3:00 to denounce her.

Get a grip, both of you. In fact there are some very real issues affecting Greenwich boaters, including a ridiculous fee imposed on all boats moored in Greenwich harbors, even at private yacht clubs and on private moorings as far away as Tower Island. The town spends exactly zero dollars maintaining these areas and imposing fees for their use is just an unjustified money grab.

The Harbor Master is rude, arrogant (he’s been seen, repeatedly, speeding inside the harbors far in excess of the posted five mph limit and ignores shouts to slow down), and he’s a bully, threatening owners of private moorings with the confiscation of their ground tackle if they don’t immediately pay a huge new “equipment fee” he has dreamed up and imposed on private property bought and maintained by the owners themselves.

So if either candidate wants to address those issue, they should go for it. Otherwise, they ought to just shut up about boats, which they seem to know nothing about anyway.

(While I’m on the topic, why doesn’t Lavery ask Tesei why, out of 69 appointments he’s made to Selectman advisory committees, he’s only found three Democrats up to the task? Personally, I’m surprised he found even three from the ranks of the unwashed, but Greenwich has in the past run on more of a bi-partisan basis.)


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