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Pravda along the Mianus

Just in time to please their Friday real estate advertisers, Greenwich Time is out with the front page news that home sales are up in Connecticut and, not content with that bit of misleading copywriting, a claim that “in Greenwich, sales and prices are up in July”. Up from where? And who gave them the statistics to back up that claim? Not I.

Here are some numbers on single family homes, all based on the Greenwich MLS records:

Sales (as of August 28), 2007: 600

”                    ”                          2008: 400

”                    ”                           2009: 264

Inventory (Aug. 28, 2007): 461

                                            2008: 561

                                            2009: 688

Sales between $300,000 – $499,000, 2007: 1

                                                                                2008: 12

                                                                                2009: 49

I’m still working on average and median prices but whatever  Greenwich Time used to deduce that “sales and prices” are up in July, is either so skewed or such a small sample that it’s worthless as a guide to what’s happening.


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