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Speaking of Greenwich Time

I received this inquiry from a reader and it reminded me of my favorite Greenwich Police story (and there are so many).

  • Vicky

    Please remind me (I moved out of town a good while back) … which is/was the Greenwich weekly in the tabloid format that had the most delightfully complete Police Blotter ever? DWI … doing 55 in a 15 mph zone … drunk and disorderly … domestic violence call … shoplifting … evading responsibility (e.g., hitting a parked car and then just driving away) … you got caught at it, you were in there. Always a good read.



    The Greenwich Citizen used to have a good, juicy blotter but they seem to have lost the earnest young man who went down to the station and copied everything down and then tried to report it as he must have imagined “real” reporters did. The results were often hilarious.
    Before the Citizen was another weekly (no, not the Post) whose name I can’t recall. They had the best blotter, reporting for instance, when the Greenwich Time would not, the incident at the massage parlor/whore house in Old Greenwich when a cop doing “under the covers work” had his badge and gun stolen by some teenage punks from the housing project behind it. Such fun! Every cop in creation responded. I think they recovered the stolen items and calm was restored but our paper of record never breathed a word about it. What wussies.

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Greenwich Citizen gets larger

Over at Greenwich Roundup they’re wondering why the weekly Greenwich Citizen has suddenly grown bigger now that it’s been taken over by Hearst, which also owns Greenwich Time. They speculate that it’s so recipients of the unwanted rag can wrap larger fish which is a good guess, but I suspect that it has more to do with Roundup’s ongoing speculation that Greenwich Time is slated to be folded into Connecticut Post with the Citizen sent out as a Greenwich local. Right now, the Citizen has zero local real estate advertising because its tabloid format required advertisers to resize their copy, designed to fit Greenwich Time’s pages, into a smaller size. By making the papers identical the publisher can either offer coverage in two papers for the same effort or, if Greenwich Time really does disappear, one ad in the remaining local without demanding that advertisers design a new format.

Of course, either approach is academic – real estate brokerages are cutting back the number of offices they maintain, the staff they have on payroll and, surprise! local advertising. A complete lack of revenue will do that and if you’ll check our sales activity since October you’ll notice that there’s essentially no revenue being generated from real estate sales at all, for any offices. So an opportunity to advertise in the Greenwich Citizen may not be as well received as it might have been a year ago.

But there’s always next year, right?

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