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Interesting perspective from Cos Cob Congressman Jim Himes

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Why do leftists want assault weapons in the hands of policemen, but not by those whom the police control?

From an essay by  Joseph Farah, “When did the left fall out of love with guns?” :

Yes, the left still loves guns.  There is no other reason for the fawning acceptance of the vulgar SWAT raid tactics in which innocent men like Mr. Eurie Stamps get shot and killed.  These tactics are repeated all across America every day.

The left just doesn’t love guns in the wrong hands, and anyone who isn’t an agent of the state is the wrong hands.  Listen to Representative Jim Hines  [sic] (D – CT) tell you why high capacity magazines are still necessary in government hands.

There is absolutely no justification for weapons that were made for the explicit purpose of killing lots of people quickly to be in the hands of civilians.

Let that wash over you again.  “Killing lots of people quickly” and “civilian hands.”  The two don’t go together.

Leftists are by nature not liberals, no matter what label they have adopted.  Scratch a liberal, and find a Fascist.”


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Terrorist Lists are bad, unless they aren’t

Glenn Reynolds links to this New York Times story bemoaning the fact that people whose name appears on the federal government’s Terrorist List can still buy guns.

Says the professor:

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: Terrorist watch lists are bad, and Orwellian, because they’re full of mistakes and put together without due process. But if you’re on one, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun. Well, the Supreme Court says that gun ownership is a constitutional right, and you’re not normally supposed to lose a constitutional right because some bureaucrat puts you on a list without any due process. One suspects that this Eric Lichtblau story in the Times is part of a PR effort designed to gin up support for doing just that. The prominent role of Frank Lautenberg — traditional stalking-horse for the Brady Campaign, et al. — supports that suspicion.

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