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Entitlement theory

The Bovina Bloviator picks up a NY Post story about a mommy feeding junior human growth hormones to make him nice and tall.

Jeffrey Stern’s mother wanted him to have every advantage — from his schooling at Manhattan’s prestigious Dalton School to summer camp in the Berkshires.

So when Jeffrey, at age 11 and 4-foot-1, was a full foot shorter than everyone else in his class, she talked to an endocrinologist, who put him on human growth hormone.

“The doctors said that he was that he was destined to be taller,” Margot Stern said.

Jeffrey now stands 5-foot-7, but that’s not tall enough for the 16-year-old and his mother.

“They said that the height that’s owed to him is around 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-10,” she said. “I was going to give him a chance to achieve his growth potential.”

The Bloviator sees a warning here that eugenics is on the way and he’s probably right, but what struck me was Margot (the T is silent, as in “Harlot”) Stern’s claim that precious “is owed” another couple of inches. Owed by whom, pray tell – God? The doctors? Society? If it’s the former, Ms. Stern has an interesting view of the universe. If either of the latter two, then I suppose she’s just a typical New York liberal.


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