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What’s in it for Chicago?

The current President of the United States has decided not to join other world leaders at the November 9th ceremony marking the fall of the Berlin Wall because he’s too busy. “He sacrificed his free time on that Olympic trip” White House spokesman Scusie said today, “plus he hit like, wow, five tv Sunday talk shows – everyone except Fox, of course. So no way does he have time to go back to Germany, not when he’d just have to turn around and go back to Sweden or some place like that to get this big award for being the very bestest person in the world. He’s a very busy man.”

Indeed he is, Scusie, and aren’t we proud of him? Of course, to be fair to the man, perhaps he realizes that he and the crowd he has brought to Washington opposed Reagan and worked against the very policies that caused the wall to fall. To show up and even bask in the credit owed braver, wiser people would be the utmost in hypocrisy and, while I would expect that from The One, maybe  just this once he’s being honest.


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