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Fan mail from Alabama

Owed you an email for a month or so to say thank you.

My parents/family owned a condominium west of  Pensacola, Florida for 20+ years which we sold in March ’09 – after reading your blog I realized how important list pricing is in the real estate world and your blog convinced us to be realistic sellers in a tough 2nd home market.

Realtor suggested a sales metric of $325 square foot (and my limited research confirmed his numbers) – which we used and rounded up (as the units rarely trade in this building) got an offer in 40 days, closed in fewer than 90 days after listing! – our sales price was at 90%~ of listing (pre commission) but delighted it’s sold. Maybe sold too fast, but in a buyers market we’re overjoyed to avoid the monthly fees and assorted expenses.  FYI we doubled the purchase price from original acquisition in late 1980’s.

I’m stock and bond salesman for a regional brokerage and given the past 18 months in the ‘business’ we are in much better shape now help my aging parents through their last few years.

Cheers and thanks again

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