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Madoff scammer Picower found dead in pool

Jeffrey Picower was being sued by the Madoff trustee for $6 billion. Did angry Colombians find him before the subpoenas? “I don’t know,” Monica Noel told us when FWIW’s Scusie reached her comment, “but that’s why I had the pool here shut early this season. Walt’s just been sooo sad.”

Walt’s son-in-law and prime Colombian salesman for the Fairfield Greenwich Group, Andres Piedrahita was said to still be on his yacht  in the Adriatic – “not hiding,” a spokesman said, “it’s just that the sea trials for the potential buyer are taking a few moths longer than expected.”

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Walter Noel lost $7.5 billion with Bernie – this guy sucked in $5.1 billion

And now he’s being sued by the Madoff bankruptcy Trustee. Seems that Jeffrey Picower may have known what mischievous Bernie was up to all along. Bad boy, Jeffrey.

In the days and weeks following the collapse of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi sheme, the foundations funded by media-shy Jeffrey Picower  – The Picower Foundation at MIT and The Picower Institute for Medical Research – were considered some of Madoff’s biggest victims.  But, as it turns out, their generous benefactor may have known about the scheme all along, to the tune of $5.1 billion in returns from his various Madoff accounts.

Hey Walt, maybe you can ask this guy for some of your money back – seems as though what you lost ended up in his pocket.


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