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Murky waters in Greenwich

I've got a secret

The Lacoff  Three are out with a new statement and deny that there’s any “mystery man” behind the lottery loot.  “These gentlemen pooled their funds and just barely managed to come up with that dollar,” Lacoff spokesman Jennifer Nckwzzyjk told FWIW’s Scuzie. “Vicious, anonymous bloggers are shitting on the boys’ heads on this and I find it disgusting and plain ol’ mean. Fuck them”.

So here’s the problem: we have two mutually contradictory stories. The Lacoff Three say they bought and own the ticket while their “close friend” Tom Gladstone says they didn’t and that they told him they didn’t. Someone is lying, but who?

I don’t know Lacoff and his co-conspirators but those who do seem to vouch for them. But I do know Gladstone and find it hard to believe he’s a liar (or worse than any other real estate agent), nor  can I figure out why he’d have reason or motivation to lie. Hmm.

This could be like that old problem posed by the Marks brothers when they ran their Greenwich Avenue stationery store: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

What’s amusing about all this is that, although the supposed winners wanted to keep a low profile they are now the subject of world-wide attention. Some newsy (and they’re out there – I dodged calls from BBC, CNN and the WSJ and Fudrucker turned down an offer to appear on the Today Show this morning) will dig out the truth of the matter. Stay tuned.


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One mystery solved, now it’s back to those lottery guys

NOT Jenny?

Jennifer Nacewicz, the staunch defender of the defunct Beacon Hill condominium and fan of this blog is not, as I suggested, a former urinal swabber at the project. Thanks to an (anonymous) reader’s tip, we learn that Ms. Jennifer Nacewicz Young is married to one Ron Young, a partner former partner of Brandon Lacoff. Is it possible that Nacewicz is annoyed that she didn’t get in on those lottery winnings and is venting her spleen at you, my magnificent readers? Gosh, I hope not – she sounds like such a nice lady.


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Jennifer Nacewicz of Old Greenwich doesn’t like you, either


From the lunatic fringe comes this scribble. The author works for Cablevision, a broadcaster known for its professionalism and in-depth reporting, so it’s easy to understand why this lady is so upset with us nattering nabobs of negativism.

Blogs are a disgrace to the print media forum as they do nothing but distort the truth and offer a no-talent hacks [requires singular – Ed] like Chris Fountain the ability to print whatever they like without validity [rephrase, find another word for “validity” – Ed].  It [requires plural – Blogs/it. Ed] also offers scared little men who live in Greenwich the ability to post negative comments on matters without leaving their true identity.  If there were any truth to the comments made by any of the anonymous or first name bloggers then they would not be apprehensive [suggest “leery” – Ed] about leaving their full name.   Jealousy is not an appealing trait as it makes you petty and unattractive.  Jealousy seems to be the driving force behind all of the bogus remarks as I am sure that most if not all of the commenter’s [no apostrophe – Ed] on this story are small-minded, paper-pushers who wish they had the foresight, talent and money to develop something like Beacon Hill.  While I am sure that Mr. Fountain will not post my comments since the only way he can feel superior is to control his little blog [insert comma – Ed]  it still provides me great comfort to be able to give my offer my [which is it? Ed] opinion.


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