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Finally, the teeth are bared in ObamaKare

Pelosi: buy a $15,000 health insurance policy or go to jail. In fairness to Her Highness, this is a perfectly logical outcome of mandatory health care because  you can’t demand insurers to waive pre-existing conditions, as the bill does, and not make the program mandatory. Otherwise, people will wait to get sick before buying insurance and quit when they’re well, leaving the insurer, government or private, with nothing but services-sucking customers. That’s not affordable under any scheme, socialist or otherwise.

But just because this is logical, I doubt most Americans have focused on it and I don’t believe a majority of them will approve of it – everyone loves a free lunch but lots of folks skip out when the bill arrives. So JimBo Himes and Pelosi’s other minions face a real dilemma tomorrow, assuming the bill comes up for a vote: do Queen Nancy’s bidding and suffer personal catastrophe in 2011 when the voters will have discovered what he’s done to them or tell Nanny to piss off and give up all hope of being awarded a coveted committee seat and a really neat office? Oh what will he do? What will he do?


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I don’t remember him listening to anyone, actually

Jimbo Himes is holding a media press conference as I write, extolling his key role in “improvements” he made to the Demmerkrats’ ObamaKare plan.

Washington, DC –Congressman Chris Van Hollen (MD-8), Assistant to the Speaker, and Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) will hold a press conference call tomorrow to discuss improvements to the health care reform legislation pending in Congress. The changes are the result of input Congressmen Himes and his colleagues gathered from their constituents and health experts throughout the course of the summer and fall.
Key revisions to the health care reform bill include a provision to allow the creation of state health insurance compacts, which would permit states to enter into voluntary agreements to allow for the sale of insurance across state lines. Congressman Himes was a leading advocate for this proposal, which was first presented to him at an event on his Health Care Listening Tour this summer. Congressman Himes has held over 50 events and met with more than 3,000 constituents to gather input on health care reform.

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