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This is why I stopped practicing law – but you may just want to hire this man


J. David Lynch, Esq.


Compare and contrast: There’s this from the law firm’s web page.

Welcome to David Justin Lynch and Associates

The attorneys who kick butt!

Do you have a possible court case where you really want to “get” someone? Then hire David Justin Lynch  & Associates as your warriors for your Civil, Real Estate, Business, Workers Compensation or Probate Case in the Inland Empire—Palm Springs, Indio, Riverside, Blythe, San Bernardino, and Joshua Tree, California. Unlike other attorneys who groove on friendship and politics when dealing with the other side, we’re for you, all the way. For us, the other side is not merely an opponent—they’re the enemy!

For us, litigation is war. We’ve given the term “scorched earth litigation” new meaning with unusual, but effective, actions and tactics—sometimes unpleasant, but all within the law. Our letters feature down-to-earth street language to get our point across. We carpet bomb the other side with discovery, and our deposition questions are like hellfire missiles. Opposing lawyers hate us—but our clients love us, and that’s what counts. Why? We get results! When you want to win, it’s David Justin Lynch & Associates.


And then there’s this, from the gentleman’s FaceBook page

Lent is about self-examination, repentance and forgiveness of our sins. Each of us deals with sin in our own way. Yes, I am a sinner, too, as we all are. I typically go to confession once a year, on Good Friday. For some, sin is a personal matter with God alone. For others, sin is a community matter. Many Christians, however, find private confession to a priest helpful in unburdening one’s conscience and renewing relationships between God and our fellow persons. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not reserved only for those who commit serious sins, but for the remission of all sins. The grace that flows from confession possesses special powers of purification and support as we resolve to amend our lives to improve ourselves to better realize the potential with which God endowed us.


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