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They just don’t get it

There’s a dearth of volunteers for the “Big Brother” program and men are being blamed for lacking an “altruism gene”.  That’s not it.

As a lawyer, I read many decisions overturning child abuse allegations against men whose lives had been ruined, including spending years in prison, on specious charges brought by angry children, parents with a grudge and prosecutors on a mission. It’s certainly a fact that child abuse does exist and it’s a horrible thing – I’ve written here before of Ken Walker, a Maine Guide, who diddled young boys – I’d be tempted to shoot him were I to see him today for what he did to one of my friends. But would I volunteer to be a Big Brother and expose myself to the potential liability of a false claim of child abuse? Not on your life.


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Clown rapist captured a decade later

DNA surfaces, and another bad man goes down. This is of interest to me because the police speculate that the pervert was doing this for years, just like Maine Guide Ken Walker did to small boys up in Maine. I’d still like to see Walker brought up on charges – there’s no statute of limitations on what he did – but the one victim I know doesn’t want to bring charges. I understand that, but when I think of the number of children he molested from the early 1960’s to, who knows, today? – I’d like to see him spend the rest of his life in jail.

My earlier exposure of Walker, by the way, has  produced some interesting results. One, he has not contacted me or had lawyers threaten to sue, although I encouraged the latter. Two, he has pulled down all references to himself from the web and, three, after I notified the Maine Guide Association of my allegations, he seems to have been dropped from its roster. Still, he’s still out there, 76-years-old, ready to prey on children. I do hope that  I’ve disturbed his old age, but maybe a threat to visit him with my 30.30 would stir him up even more. These are not good people, and they should not be allowed to go gentle into the good night. Which is not to say that it’s my job to prevent that, but I do hope that they are intercepted by the authorities before senility and old age moves them beyond prosecution.


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