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Throw Scott from the train

I didn't know the gun was loaded - really!

I didn’t know the gun was loaded – really!

I’m just formulating how to do this, but a concerted effort by Greenwich gun owners to punish our legislators for their betrayal of this week should, I think, focus on Scott Frantz. Not because he’s the worst of the four; far from it, but his defeat would garner national attention, while ridding ourselves of any of the others will  be of local interest only. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t throw them all out, but we should focus on Frantz.

Whose defeat will best send a message to other wavering politicians across the country: an amiable garbage man, a small town lawyer, the local drunk in a Chanel dress, or a multi-millionaire scion, host of presidents, a man with huge political ambitions and a state party aligned to help him achieve them? Make Frantz pay the ultimate price for his perfidy and politicians across the country, of both parties, will feel a loosening of their bowels and endure sleepless nights, the poor dears.

Scott is a very decent guy, but he bartered our trust for a bowl of pottage from his political bosses. We can and should make him pay for that betrayal, and his defeat will place the story right in the middle of the national debate. Besides, we’ve done the Lowell Weicker thing before, sending a local rich boy off to the national scene – do we need to repeat it?

Unlike Weicker, Frantz’s heart is in the right place: he articulates fiscally conservative views, advocates for a (somewhat) limited government and certainly doesn’t line his pockets at the public trough like Weicker). But he is totally ineffective, both because Republicans are irrelevant in Hartford and because he’s a patsy, susceptible to being rolled by scary Democrats and even his Republican peers. Losing his seat to a Democrat won’t affect us here in Greenwich one iota:  there’s  always been a bullseye on the town’s coffers, stapled there by the Democrats long ago. Frantz’s weak voice of protest has done nothing to protect us up to now and will do nothing in the future. He’s expendable.

But as a symbol, as someone to serve as an example to other politicians who vote against their principles, he’s priceless.


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