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What’s this supposed to mean?

The builder of a proposed house at 20 Langhorne Lane has dropped his price again, this time from $10.998 million to $9.998. Original price was $14.998 million, so I guess it shows progress, but is the builder still planning on building the 17,500 square foot (4,500 of which would be basement) monstrosity that no one wanted at $15 million? If so, why? And would corners be cut to reflect the $5,000,000 price drop or is this an indication of how much the builder had hoped to skin off a buyer? Neither choice inspires confidence.

This land is also for sale, by the way, for somewhere in the 2’s. Like 38 Langhorne, these parcels sold for around $2 and were put back up for sale at $4 million. No one bit, surprisingly. If I were interested in either parcel (and 38 looks quite nice) I think I’d negotiate as low as price as I could for the land and design the house to go on it anew.


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