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Toy Story update

I posted yesterday about new federal regulations that were going to force small toy manufacturers out of business beginning February 10th. Now comes word that the rule’s start date has been postponed a year. The cynic in me suggests that the pols realized they’d moved too quickly and lost an opportunity to collect bribes from the small guys but perhaps a year delay will actually do some good. I don’t see how. Same problem next February, no?

Federal regulators on Friday postponed some testing requirements that would have forced many companies to pay ten of thousands of dollars to check children’s products for lead content, giving manufacturers and retailers a one-year reprieve.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission deferred the deadline, originally Feb. 10, by which manufacturers and importers of children’s goods needed to test every item to ensure it didn’t contain more than 600 parts per million of lead. They also have an extra year to test for phthalates, chemicals often used in plastic.

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Why realtors make you sign 1,000 silly forms

peeling-paintEPA seeks to fine real estate firm $1.2 million for violation of lead disclosure law. That’s 34 violations spread over five or six states and thousands of transactions: $29,400+ for each violation. Understand that these forms essentially do nothing because they permit the seller to simply check “no knowledge of lead either way” and leave the tenant or buyer to find out for himself. The rule may be worthless but the fines for not having the proper paperwork are horrendous, so look for your agent to be even more of a nitpicker. And then the world will be safe for democracy.


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