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Just in time to welcome private school students, Greenwich public schools are in the crapper

The publisher of Greenwich Time takes a look at the test scores for our schools today qand is not impressed. I can see why. Of particular note  is the decline in Old Greenwich and Riverside elementary schools because the School Board has always hinted that the reason our town-wide scores are so low is because of the presence of “ethnics” – the poor dears just isen’t of the same caliber as our white kids and isn’t it great that Greenwich is so diverse and good hearted enough to take in these unwashed masses and prepare them for a career at MacDonalds? This lie is exposed by the failures at Riverside and Old Greenwich where the student body is 100% white and Asian (Asians don’t count as disadvantaged minorities in the liberal head counting scheme) with a parent population that is fanatical about education. If there’s a problem here, and there is, it’s not because we have some public assistance kids among us.

The high school? Good lord. I’m glad we have a new superintendent but it’s too bad the republican and Democrat parties in Greenwich refuse to allow a choice of school board candidates. Seems as though it’s time for a thorough washing of the stables.


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