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Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch

Who, us?

Prosecutor draws closer to Madoff  sons and Uncle Pete.

Look for land sales on Tomac Avenue and Cherry Valley Road, eventually.

Separately, Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee in charge of recovering assets for Mr. Madoff’s investors, in October alleged in a civil lawsuit that four Madoff family members who worked at the Madoff firm used it as a “piggy bank” to pay for personal expenses such as homes, cars and boats, as well as credit-card charges for restaurants and vacations.

The trustee’s lawsuit also alleged that Peter Madoff deposited $32,146 into his investment accounts at the Madoff firm, yet withdrew more than $16 million because of fabricated stock trades. Andrew Madoff allegedly invested slightly less than $1 million into his investment accounts and withdrew $17 million, the result of “brazenly fabricated transactions,” Mr. Picard’s suit says. Mark Madoff invested $745,482 into his accounts and redeemed $18.1 million, the suit alleges.


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Mark Madoff – didn’t trust Dad with his money

Hmm. If Walt Noel didn’t want any of his own money handled by Bernie, and if Mark Madoff pulled every penny from under Dad in 2003, why did son Andrew keep a couple of million there? I mean, it seems like everyone was in on the scam, so why did Andy leave even a portion with Madoff Investments – window dressing or a misguided hope that the Ponzi would continue a few more years? Perhaps we’ll find out, eventually.


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So who else was in Bernie’s plane when it left Florida?

Bob Jaffe, Bernie Madoff’s bag man in Palm Beach, is missing or at least, isn’t in the public eye. I’m not saying that Mark and Andy took him on a half-way flight over the Gulf, only theta they show up in Dad’s jet, take off, and Jaffe can’t be found. Splash?

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