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Here’s a girl who could give those Cornell lovers some advice

New York Social Diary reports on a Marisa Noel sighting at the Boys and Girls Club fundraiser in New York City. Here’s our girl , missing in action these past months, working on selling Papa’s Round Hill cottage to home builder Ara Hovnanian She looks happy, Ara, not so much.

(Hat tip, Horsejock)

"I'll pick it up for peanuts in bankruptcy, you gangly bitch, and keep your hand off my wallet" (NY Social Diary photo)


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Add another to the homeless count

Maris Noel Brown has gone to contract on her New York apartment. I hope that, unlike Ruth Madoff, she can take her chinchilla with her.


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Maybe she’ll also offer some heirlooms from Uncle Bernie

New York Magazine (and my readers) report that Marisa Noel, fresh from the humiliation of having to hawk her unfinished brownstone bought with stolen money, is now offering baubles, gimcracks and geegaws at New York jewelry stores. She promises to add boxes of old Designs by Monica smocks left over from her mom’s own attempt at business – het, it’s almost moving time at old 175 Round Hill and something has to be done with the inventory and Walter has promised to donate his golf clubs – no use for them any more – to the tag sale. See all today at a table in front of Henry Bendel’s on 5th Avenue, and meet the girl herself! Refreshments served (cash bar) by her own dad.

Dining by Walter

Dining by Walter


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It’s official: Marisa Noel’s NYC cottage is available

Just $11.5 million. I always recommend to buyers that we do a little digging on a seller to find out if, say, they’re under any pressure to sell. That would probably pay dividends in this case.


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