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I think I wrote about this already, but a nasty Noel story is always worth repeating

Marissa Noel sued for stealing someone else’s jewelry designs. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, and all that.

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Walt defends her, of course, but does send along this bit of gossip

Round Hill Marissa

Marissa Noel rips off jewelery designer. Where’d she learn to go wrong?


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If it were my money her daddy had stolen, I’d be pissed. Marissa Noel continues to kick up her heels in NYC high society

NYSocialdiary.com photo. Noel, left

Anorexic slut.

(H/T, reader SW)


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Poor ol’ Walt may (or may not) be under the weather with terminal cancer, but it’s not slowing down Marissa Noel from enjoying spending stolen loot

Horse Jock sends along this inspiring picture of the rich bitch having a grand time with other folks’ money.


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Can’t you give the family a break?

Marissa Noel at "work"

First the Noel family’s burgeoning art auction business was shut down before it even started, now they’ve been ordered to remove their begging tables from New York City’s streets. Their “Help the Homeless” campaign was “nothing but a fraud”, NY’s Andrew Cuomo asserted, but Marissa begged (so to speak) to differ. “Of course we’re homeless,” she wailed, “or we’re going to be. What are we supposed to do, shack up with Ruthie at her in-law’s place? That’s a studio, for God’s sake. Oh boo hoo hoo.”

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Broker to the (falling) stars

Serena Boardman (l), NY Social Diary. "Well Marissa, I sold off Georgie Lindemann's Cellular Farm, I'm sure I can unload your dad's dumpy cottage."?

Serena Boardman (l), NY Social Diary. "Well Marissa, if I could sell off Georgie Lindemann's Cellular Farm, with all those dead horses littering the grounds, I'm sure I can unload your dad's dumpy cottage."

I missed this Bloomberg article (by my pal Oshrat Carmiel) on celebrity broker Serena Boardman. The youngish (39) socialite who makes it her business to know all the right people (we haven’t met, for some reason) is having quite a run ditching the expensive real estate of the scandalized, homes that are no longer needed (Bernie Madoff’s Montauk home and his New York City penthouse) or affordable (Marissa Noel’s pad in the city). If you committed a crime, Ms. Boardman is obviously the one to see about raising bail money and defense fees. What a gig; far more lucrative than just writing about these clowns, but perhaps not as much fun.


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The poor dears will just have to come home to their shanty in Milbrook

Marissa Noel Brown and hubby facing financial woes (what, really? How come?) and will have to sell their $9 million NYC Co-Op.  I’ll bet Attorney Boies is ticked that judge wouldn’t let him freeze Noel assets, eh?

UPDATE: More details from NY Observer here. Warning – read only if you have a heart of stone and are indifferent to human suffering.


Chateau Milbrook-Noel, as decorated by Missy McCloy

Chateau Milbrook-Noel, as decorated by Missy McCloy


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