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Going out on a limb

So here, for the record, are my predictions of sale prices for the larger estates currently for sale:

Leona Helmsley: 521 Round Hill Road : $27.5 million

Mel Gibson – 120 (?) Old Mill Road: $19.5 million

30 John Street: $18.5 milion

North Street (whatever the address, the big brick mansion place with land, across from Dingletown): $8.5 million


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Does this mean a price break on Old Mill Road?

Robyn Gibson, Mel’s wife of 28 years, has filed for divorce. I wouldn’t sully this blog with celebrity gossip – not when there’s so much Walter Noel dirt to dish out – but the 75-acre Gibson estate on Old Mill, used infrequently even in happier times, has been sitting on the market for a long time now and has barely budged in price, dropping from $35 million to $30. California’s a community property state so I’d think the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Gibson is in for a big payday. And an unsold asset sitting idle and unwanted all the way on the wrong side of the country might be a tempting thing to dispose of. Do I hear $15 million? $10?


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