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Mel Gibson’s place under contract

Last asking price was $29 million, so presumably it’s selling for less than that. 74 acres, great old house, I loved this place. But hardly surprising it took a couple of years to sell – even in Greenwich, that’s a lot of money, and the house was unusual enough to require an out-of-the-ordinary buyer. Guess one showed up.


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Drinking will do that

I bought what?!

Scusie reports that Mel Gibson’s one of  two suckers to spit up $8 million for one of the Manero’s condos. This could be true: the guy can’t sell his place on Old Mill, even at the bargain price of $29 million, has left his wife and the mother of his 12 children and impregnated some girl when he’s what – 65-years-old? Out of control and stupid, so why not buy a place at twice its value? Question I have is, who’s bought the other one of these units? Can there really be two such fools in our universe? Of course, there is always Alec Baldwin.


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Mel Gibson ain’t selling

But he’d like to. HookedonHouses.com has a great photospread of the unwanted mansion of the movie star (or the unwanted movie star’s mansion). Last time the poor lady dared post pictures of a Greenwich house, she got a cease and desist letter from Brendon J. O’Rourke, terror of the New Canaan intellectual property bar and I got a grievance from its sad and angry owner, Steven Braverman, the proud owner of 1038 Lake Avenue, 44 Close Road, and who knows what else? Anyway, follow the links to photo’s of Mel’s place but for heaven’s sake don’t post negative comments or Braverman may confuse himself for Braveheart and grieve you, too.


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