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She must be a certain washed-up TV starlet

Woman reneges on promise to give pony to little girl

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Disappointing but I guess not too surprising

TV actress who agreed to attend Marine Military Ball is backing off. Dumb move from a publicity angle, I would think.

UPDATE: what this young lady needs is a better publicist and a stern call from her parents. My own kids are her age and are not supporters of our various wars but they certainly understand the concept of standing by their word, as I’d guess most kids their age do. They are not going to sympathize with a stuck up, spoiled starlet. She and her co-star, Justin Timberlake should suspend their plans for two days and get their asses down to Camp Lejeune and do the right thing. Whatever it costs their studio will be more than paid back by great PR. If their present agents don’t get that then, as I said, they need better agents.


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