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Russell for the defense!

I let him out of the trunk, didn't I?

I let him out of the trunk, didn't I?

Greenwich’s own, Attorney Phil Russell, has signed on for the defense of that 35 – year-old mother who left her infant baking in a Lexus SUV on Greenwich Avenue the other day. “She’s a great mom,” Russell says. “Everyone who knows Gina Baret knows she would never harm that lovely child. She went to use an ATM and had her eye on her baby constantly.” I like Phil, and wouldn’t doubt his version of events for an instant, but others more skeptical than I may wonder how, if the lady’s car was parked below Starbucks and the bank’s 100 yards up the street on the other side, she could watch Buster. And if they get past that one, they’re bound to wonder what she thought during the 15 minutes she spent at the ATM while first a foot patrolman, then an ambulance and then three squad cars all pulled up to her own car.

“That’s no problem,” Russell will no doubt argue. “With that kind of protection around her precious, darling little boy, she knew he was in safe hands.”

I’d go for the plea bargain, Phil.


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