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A Prince of Pork is dead

See ya, fella

John Murtha dead at 77. Except for people like those two Chesire rapist/murderers, I wish no one ill, even politicians I disagree with, so I’d have preferred to see this man quit, like Dodd or better yet, be defeated for reelection. But as a taxpayer, I can’t say I’ll miss him.

UPDATE: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed-man is king. Five-foot-two Dennis Kucinich calls Murtha a “Congressional giant”. Murtha betrayed his fellow Marines by calling them murderers, raped the country while enriching himself by awarding military contracts to his brother’s clients, built an airport for no one in his home district and would have soon been indicted for corruption had he not dropped off the planet and headed for lower regions today. He was Nancy Pelosi’s most trusted advisor according to Politico, and that says all one needs to know about him and Nancy Pelosi.


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