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High end mortgages defaulting at 12%, twice rate of lesser ones

You could have read the same story here first last December 17th but if you did, you clearly don’t work for The New York Times, who only today discovered the phenomenon. I point this out not to embarrass that fine paper (well okay, there is that) but to illustrate why  newspapers are walking dead – by the time they get around to printing something, the only people who don’t already know about it are those without access to the Internet. And that’s a dwindling number of people.


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The New York Times on the end of global warming

Nothing to see here, move along, move along. Oh, by the way, the Nobel Prize winning IPCC’s conclusion that hurricanes have intensified as the result of global warming? Debunked. You won’t find that in the Times, either. The home base of Walter Duranty continues its legacy.

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The New York Times and treason

The NY Times editorialists are thumping their puny chests and huffing about “responsibility” over the latest failure of our government (the local citizenry, that despised element of the Times’ editor’s world, did just fine) to prevent a terrorist attack. This from the paper that has been shilling for communists since at least the 1930s, when their reporter Walter Duranty hid Stalin’s murder of 23,000,000 kulaks and won a Pulitzer Prize for doing so.

I don’t know why liberal Jews love dictatorships of the left so much – they’re the first to be executed when the totalitarians  take over and I’d expect some sort of instinct for self-preservation would kick in before that happened, but it doesn’t. I have friends – the late Howard Fast among them – who went to prison rather than betray their fellow reds; I’ve never understood their blindness.

In the late 1960s I attended a Quaker institution, George School, with little Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger and his sisters, who comprised a solipsistic Manhattan clique that quite obviously despised the middle class and boy did they let us know it. Had I any sense of history and a sense of the damage Pinch was determined to achieve in his later career, I might have tossed a bomb into his room a la Gavrilo Princip, but I was a callow youth of 16 – who knew?

Anyway, Pinch and his friends went on to run his daddy’s paper and continue what is now nine decades of aid and comfort to our (not their) enemies. I’m considering doing a more thorough job of researching and documenting this betrayal, but here is a sampling of what Pinch has been up to:

Pointless wiretaps 7/17/09

Disclosed existence of wiretapping program in 2005

Full history of the Times’ involvement here.

Disclosure of secret program tracking terrorist funds June, 2006


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Washington power plays

CIA, angry at Obama, leaks damaging details of who knew what,when. They did the same thing to Bush II and, I presume, every president before him. So maybe we should ask who is really in charge here? If these people were truly competent and doing an effective job, I might feel better about this but they aren’t, so I ain’t. The NYT, whore that it is, publishes all these leaks, which makes me wonder whether they’re in bed with the CIA or just clueless naifs. I believe the paper is owned by a traitor, so my vote’s for the former.


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Calling Lexus/nexus readers

Because I’m simply awful about checking my voice mail (ok, I don’t do it, as a rule, because 99% of it is corporate nonsense) I missed a call of early March from a friend/reader who alerted me to what sounds like a great article. Apparently the New York Times ran a story on March 9, 1978 on Greenwich and called it, “Where house prices go up forever”. I don’t think it’s available in the public archives, although I’m going to look, but if someone has access to a better search machine, could you check? It sounds like fun. thanks.

UPDATE: Found it, by gum – The Times wants 4 bucks to access it but it’s free to home subscribers so when I get home I’ll dig up that account number and we can all read the whole thing.:

Where Home Prices Go Up Forever Is Heaven …; …And Where They Don’t Is Not Where Home Prices Go Up Forever Has to Be Heaven Foreclosures Amid Faltering Home Prices

April 9, 1978, Sunday

Section: Real Estate, Page R1, 3855 words

GREENWICH, Conn.–Heaven. It is one of the words people in Greenwich, Conn., commonly use to describe their town.


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World ends; women, minorities etc.

NYT: Blacks face calamity with auto plant closings

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