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The “best health care in the world” now refers patients to homeopathic medicine

Former Enron adviser and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman thus described the British National Health  Service. Well not only is the NHS now rationing operations, it is referring patients to homeopathic practitioners. Kids go deaf, diabetics lose their eyesight, cripples are denied hip replacements  and the rest of the citizens are referred to quacks who practice a “medicine” that even that most liberal of organizations, Consumer Reports, calls a crock of s***.

It’s fine if Whole Food housewives want to buy homeopathic medicines because, when their kids get truly sick, they can just cart them off to a hospital with real doctors. But if you’re English, and your only choice is to drink a bottle of sterilized water with a single (claimed) molecule of what ails you, you’re friggin’ doomed. This is the future Krugman and Obama have in mind for us.


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