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Finally, something we can really blame on Bush

Messiah wins Noble Peace Prize. Since the One has done absolutely nothing to merit any price at all, it’s safe to say that he has joined Teddy Roosevelt in the pantheon of Noble heros for something other than accomplishment. What could that be? He is not Bush, obviously. He will listen to Europeans, he will join the United Nations is affirming the right of Gaddafi to sit on the Human Rights Commission, he will wring his hands in helpless woe while regretting human rights abuses and, in short, he’s everything that the emasculated effete love and admire in a “world leader”. congratulations, fella.

By the way, is there any doubt what Obama will do in Afghanistan? Not in my mind. His generals have said we will lose there if we don’t bring in more troops. But Obama can’t do that without alienating his lefty nutbase, so he won’t. And if he pulls out all our troops, the ensuing collapse and chaos will be blamed on him and kill his chances of reelection. So he will do nothing, ensuring defeat and the needless death of more soldiers, while saying that he inherited the status quo from that evil Bush/Cheney.

Which is good enough for our Nobel Prize winner, if not his country.


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