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Well, there’s always NoPo, here in Greenwich

Turns out Ruthie Madoff may not be permitted to buy that one bedroom in Spanish Harlem (or whatever the hell you want to call it – the area that isn’t the East Side) after all: Madoff Trustee Irving Picard is suing the bitch for the $2.3 million the feds let her keep, claiming (d’oh) that she was in on the scheme the whole time. I’m all for it – leave her homeless and on the street, but if she wants a step up from that and maybe has some of Bernie’s old watches she can sell, or Madoff Investments paraphernalia, I’d suggest she look into what I used to call Pelenopor but which a reader has beautifully named NoPo – North of Post Road, of course. We got stuff here at prices that’ll knock your socks off, Ruthie. And if you can’t swing that, there’s always Chickahominy.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the suit from The Wall Street Journal. The Trustee’s looking for $44 million, claiming that regardless of whether Ruth knew about or participated in the scam, she benefited from it and lived “a life of luxury” on the proceeds. This theory should cause Walter, Monica and all the filly(ie)s sleepless nights because the Noel clan is, at best, in no better position than Ruth Madoff. Just like her, they say that they knew nothing and who can blame them for living large? But if  living a life f luxury on stolen proceeds is the test for restitution, do Round Hill cottages, villa’s in Mustique and $30 million yachts qualify? Why yes, I believe they do. Oh uh, Walt. Go, Irving!


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