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You wanted the job, you big cry baby, now do it

One year on, Obama the Magnificent is still whining that “it’s all Bush’s fault! He messed up the room and now I have to clean it up all by myself and it’s just not fair“.

Look – I never thought he was up to the job so his pathetic failure doesn’t change my opinion of the man one whit. But aren’t you Lexus owners with the Hope and Change stickers beginning to have qualms? Or, to put it in terms Greenwichites can understand, if this guy had been brought in as CEO a year ago to rescue a failing company and he was still wringing his hands and pissing his pants while moaning about the difficulties left him by his predecessor, would you be long or short the stock?


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Gays blame Obama for loss in Maine?

Gay Marriage Maine

He meant what he said, the...the liar!

What are these people thinking? Obama (and Biden, come to think about it) are against gay marriage and have said so repeatedly, yet “the gays” a self-defined group, presumably, of liberal homosexuals) now complain that he didn’t lend support to their battle to keep gay marriage legal up north. What, did the disappointed boys and girls think Obama have been lying to the American people? Perish the thought.


Advice from the right wing of the political spectrum: you don’t want the government in your life, don’t vote for people who promise to run it for you.

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