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An end to all that?

One of the brokerage firms in town – Prudential, I think – has been running some odd little campaign where their listings are priced so as to end with 876 dollars. I have no idea what the point is – didn’t get the memo, I guess – but I notice today that 62 N. Stone Bridge Rd, previously priced at $1,644,876 has been reduced to $1,640,000. I don’t believe a $4, 876  reduction is expected to flush buyers out of the shrubbery – certainly no such fortunate thing has happened since September, as this price was slowly reduced from $1.830 million – so perhaps the marketing campaign has ended and more traditional pricing is coming back.

Or not – I’m just guessing. I’m also guessing that a 10% cut from September ’til now won’t be enough to move a house in today’s market, but perhaps I’m wrong about that, too.


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