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Buy this house

11 Grimes Rd

Not my listing, but it belongs to a friend, so here’s a free plug for this Shorelands home. Five bedrooms, recent construction and just down the road from the association beach. They’re asking about what they paid for it in 2005, which is at least a good starting point. $2.875 and you’re in Old Greenwich among nice families.


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Build a house in Old Greenwich

Effective today, Jordan Saper’s offering to build a 6,000 sq.ft. house on a half-acre at 7 St. Claire Avenue (just south of St. Saviors) for $3.8 million. That seems a bit rich to risk in this market, but Saper builds a nice home and if, as I assume, even he can’t get financing to build without a buyer signed up (alternatively, he simply won’t take the risk himself), this might be a good time to see how much house you can build for how little money. By the way, if he paid $1 million for the land itself, he’s only charging $433 a foot for the house itself. Not long ago, that would have been considered cheap – now, you might be able to do better.


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