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Girl stabbed to death by father in Greenwich

A botched murder-suicide at 100 Sterling Road. Tax records show owner as 100 Sterling LLC but no such entity filed with the state. 20-room house on 37 acres, so not, presumably, some backwoods family like the Fountains.

UPDATE: Reader says house belongs to S. Donald Sussman, of Paloma Funds

UPDATE: Confirmed via Google and Huffington Post campaign donor pages

Once married to Laurie Tisch – since divorced

To be sure, just because Mr. Sussman owns the house doesn’t mean either he or his child was involved – someone could be staying at the house, for instance, which is possible given the holiday season. More as we learn more.

UPDATE Again: Now (1:05) Greenwich Time accompanies the story with a GHS yearbook photo of a young woman named Amanda Dobrzanski.

And now (2:30) a reader says Greenwich Post is saying Adam Dobrzanski has been arrested House guest? Employee? Don’t know. Tragic either way.

Final Update: It was the gardener. My friend and most excellent reporter Teri Buhl has an article in GT on the owner of the house, Donald Sussman. There is also more information on the poor young girl who was murdered, but I find that too depressing to link to.


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