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When they banned cigarettes for dogs I remained silent, because my dog doesn’t smoke

Now comes a charming vignette of PETA and other kooks sending death threats to a dog breeder who dared sell a puppy to Vice President Biden. PETA want to ban all pets, and has chose dog breeders as its opening.

Naturally, PETA led the charge:

Brown was not only vilified in posted comments to newspapers but also on the Web site of People for the Ethical Treatment Animals, or PETA. 

According to a Dec. 12 press release from the animal rights group, it aired its controversial TV commercials “Buy One, Get One Killed” in Biden’s home state of Delaware after he bought his dog from Brown. The commercial blames euthanization of animals in shelters on people who purchase pets from breeders.

What the story fails to point out is that PETA is not only against dog breeding, but all pet ownership, and has a documented record of routinely euthanizing dogs rather than putting them up for adoption.

PETA is comprised of seriously deranged individuals – something you might remember the next time they approach you for donations. Myself, I think I’ll just send them some peanuts and CFLs.

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NBC should run this PETA ad

I thought this was a joke but it’s not. NBC has rejected an ad scheduled for the Super Bowl by PETA because, among other things, the ad depicted panty-clad babes committing unnatural acts with vegetables. I wish the network would run the ad because there are still some people in this country who think that the organization is a mainstream outfit with sane members. Come on, guys – let PETA be PETA and set them back for ten years until memory fades.

PETA says NBC’s specific list of complaints were that the commercial included:

  • licking pumpkin
  • touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli
  • pumpkin from behind between legs
  • rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin
  • screwing herself with broccoli (fuzzy)
  • asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into vagina
  • licking eggplant
  • rubbing asparagus on breast

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad


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PETA: “We were wrong”

Fresh from a near death experience aboard US Air’s LaGuardia/Charlotte flight, PETA president Natale Jarnstadt announced today her organization’s support for unlimited goose hunting around all metropolitan airports. “I looked out my window as we were climbing,” Jarnstadt told reporters, “and just as I was thinking ‘oh, how beautiful all God’s creatures are, great and small’, one of the fuckers got sucked into the engine right outside my window and blew the damn thing up – pow!’ 

“This is ridiculous,” she continued, “and frankly, so were we. These park poopers have got to go and beginning today, PETA’s gonna do something about it. We’re cashing in our endowment and buying mobile gassing vans which we’ll deploy to parks and airports as necessary. We’re not quitting until Canadian Geese are as forgotten as Passenger Pigeons. Good bye and good riddance! Humans have a right to life, God damn it, and we can’t let that right be jeopardized by flying rats.”


Natalie Jarnstadt, new boyfriend Andy Madoff, and Rex and King

Natalie Jarnstadt, new boyfriend Andy Madoff, and Rex and King

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