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How politicians and lobbyists get rich

FedEx and UPS fight over proposed legislation designed to assist UPS. FedEx employees are classified under federal law as one type of labor, UPS as another. FedEx is better able to fight off unionization under its current classification so naturally, UPS wants that changed to level the playing field. You might think the solution is to move UPS workers into the FedEx class and thus cut costs – Congress would refer to raise FedEx’s expenses.

It’s a battle royale and here’s the best bit: The American Conservative Union is supporting UPS, an astonishing development that lost its mystery when FedEx released correspondence from the president of the ACU, offering to support FedEx’s side in return for millions of dollars in contributions. When FedEx refused to pay this blackmail, the ACU discovered the merits of UPS’s position.

I realy, really don’t like politicians.

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Bi-Partisan taxpayer rape

We’ve forked over $750 billion to bankers so that they can buy other banks, pay themselves nice salaries and attend conferences in sunny climes where they gloat over our stupidity and their greed.

Most of the banks that received the money are far smaller than behemoths like Citigroup or Bank of America. A review of investor presentations and conference calls by executives of some two dozen banks around the country found that few cited lending as a priority. An overwhelming majority saw the bailout program as a no-strings-attached windfall that could be used to pay down debt, acquire other businesses or invest for the future.

I can hardly wait to see what the next trillion goes to.

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Too bad shopping at Hermes doesn’t cause you to invest with Madoff


Katy's in the pigsty, you'll know her by her hat

Katy's in the pigsty, you'll know her by her hat

Kathleen Fuld, Dickie’s wife, is continuing her weekly shopping trips to Hermes where she spends $5,000 – $10,000 per trip. Do we applaud this brave woman for holding up so proudly in the face of adversity or should we merely admire her restraint in spending so little? I was inclined toward the latter until I remembered that there are other luxury shops in Manhattan and Kathleen probably has her chauffeur stop at each of them.

So I guess we’ll go with the holding her head up so proudly. Atta girl!


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